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Red Ruairidh Kilts.  

Where the authentic traditional hand-sewn kilts are custom made to your exact size and specification. All kilts are tailor made from no less than 8 yards of cloth.

At Red Ruairidh Kilts, we believe that the most effective way to be sustainable is to regularly assess and improve current procedures in order to minimize any waste produced.  


Designed by  Lori Scott Ryan  Red Ruairidh Kilts  Maggie Scott Stewart for the Fellowship of the Thistle, a select group of invited individuals who work together for the 'betterment' and freedom of Scotland.


Green represents the hills and glens of Scotland; blue represents the saltire; purple for the thistle and black for the union.

The name of the tartan, 'Saorsa', means 'freedom' in Gaelic. 
Tartan is £55 per meter 

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This is Ruairidh, Gaelic for red king   pronounced  in English

( Rory )  after whom the website is named and inspired me

to take up the challenge to have my own kiltmaking business

l learned from one of the best kilt-makers in Scotland, probably the world, and wanted to take what I learned and put into my own wee business. I have the passion and love the history of my country. 


At Red Ruairidh kilts my aim is to stay true to the authentic traditional way of making kilts which is no less than 8yards  and hand-sewn.


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